Route Description

Welcome to some of the best riding that you will ever do in your life.

Day 1
On Day 1 you will leave The Wild Coast Sun heading for Port Grosvenor. You will ride along the beach, via Msikaba, and you will have to cross some challenging rivers which need to be negotiated with care. You will then cycle through the breathtaking Mkambati Nature Reserve, where Zebra, Red Hartebeest and Wildebeest are a common sight. History lovers will be intrigued with a number of fateful shipwrecks clearly visible along the coast. The more adventurous may even find a few trinkets or lost treasure along the coastline! Once at Grosvenor, enjoy one of your favourite cold one’s, or enjoy a soothing massage. (Distance approx 55km)

Day 2
On Day 2, you will head out of Port Grosvenor, heading towards Waterfall Bluff. From there it’s off to Msikaba where you spend the night at the luxury camp.
Highlights of the day will include experiencing the spectacular Waterfall Bluff, where fresh water falls directly into the ocean, plus enjoy some whale watching, and passing by the breeding ground of the local Ground Hornbill.
At the finish you can enjoy a few ice cold beers, some tasty food and stunning scenery. (Distance approx 50km)

Day 3
Day 3 sees you heading back to The Wild Coast Sun. But not before cycling inland from the Mkambati River seeing some of the untouched and largely unseen sights of the Transkei region. You will pass the spectacular Nyameni Gorge and falls, on route to the Wild Coast Sun.
You will be presented with one last challenging river crossing, depending on tides of course.
Having completed roughly 160km’s, you will be able to relax and enjoy one last “cold one” with your riding buddies before heading home. (Distance approx 55km)

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