Dates for 2015

We have scheduled the 2015 chapter to take place in early June. There will be 4 groups of 20 riders leaving from the Wild Coast Sun (WCS) each day.

Group 1 & 2 – departs WCS – 30 May – return 1 June (Reserved)
Group 3 & 4 – departs WCS – 2 June – return 4 June

You can book your spot in any of the groups, but they are subject to availability. You can book a group for as few as 1 rider up to the maximum of 20 riders.
Allow for a day’s travel before and after each trip.

“This is a fantastic and unique experience. You ride where you would not normally be allowed to ride, with the most spectacular views, riding on beach sand and experiencing breathtaking waterfalls. For three days, you are in isolation with no interruption from cell phones or email. The crew and guides organised a well-planned ride and tour allowing us a great opportunity to get away with colleagues and clients, to ride and bond together.”

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